Solved Packet ArmorStand with Name and stuff

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  1. Hi guys, I've spent too many hours trying to fix a problem. It is still unsolved so that's why I'm coming up to you. Basically I'm trying to spawn an ArmorStand using packets.

    Code (Java):
    EntityArmorStand ent = new EntityArmorStand(EntityTypes.ARMOR_STAND, ((CraftWorld) event.getPlayer().getWorld()).getHandle());
            PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityLiving packet = new PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityLiving(ent);

            ent.setLocation(event.getPlayer().getLocation().getX(), event.getPlayer().getLocation().getY(), event.getPlayer().getLocation().getZ(), 0, 0);
            ent.getDataWatcher().set(new DataWatcherObject<>(0, DataWatcherRegistry.a), (byte) 0x20);
            ent.getDataWatcher().set(new DataWatcherObject<>(2, DataWatcherRegistry.f), Optional.of(CraftChatMessage.fromString("LOLLIPOP")[0]));
            ent.getDataWatcher().set(new DataWatcherObject<>(3, DataWatcherRegistry.i), true);
            ent.getDataWatcher().set(new DataWatcherObject<>(4, DataWatcherRegistry.i), true);
            ent.getDataWatcher().set(new DataWatcherObject<>(5, DataWatcherRegistry.i), true);

            PacketPlayOutEntityMetadata packetPlayOutEntityMetadata = new PacketPlayOutEntityMetadata(ent.getId(), ent.getDataWatcher(), false);

            ((CraftPlayer) event.getPlayer()).getHandle().playerConnection.sendPacket(packetPlayOutEntityMetadata);
            ((CraftPlayer) event.getPlayer()).getHandle().playerConnection.sendPacket(packet);
    This is my current code (after multiple tests and stuff) and all this does is nothing ??
    Yesterday using the same code with some modifications I was able to spawn an ArmorStand with a custom name but nothing else was working. I'm also trying to set it small, invisible, set as marker, etc. using this website but it isn't working either...
    Please help :cry:
  2. Maxx_Qc... I have bad news for you... Your ArmorStand ent is, in fact, not alive. I know, it's hard at first, but you gotta be stronger than this.
    Jokes aside, I don't think SpawnEntityLiving works. This worked for me (spawns a small armor stand with arms and a custom name):

    Code (Java):
    final EntityArmorStand armorStand = new EntityArmorStand(EntityTypes.ARMOR_STAND, world);
    armorStand.setPosition(loc.getX(), loc.getY(), loc.getZ());
    armorStand.setCustomName(CraftChatMessage.fromStringOrNull("I am stand"));
    armorStand.setPosition(loc.getX(), loc.getY(), loc.getZ());
    PacketPlayOutSpawnEntity packetPlayOutSpawnEntity = new PacketPlayOutSpawnEntity(armorStand);
    PacketPlayOutEntityMetadata metadata = new PacketPlayOutEntityMetadata(armorStand.getId(), armorStand.getDataWatcher(), true);

    final PlayerConnection connection = ((CraftPlayer) player).getHandle().playerConnection;
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  3. I’ve got it to work with EntityLiving in the past, EntityArmorStand is extending from EntityLiving btw.
    I’ll try that code once I get back home, thanks a lot!

    EDIT: yeah it's working, thank you
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