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  1. I was thinking on how i could implement a limbo server for when the server is full, or the fallback servers (hubs) are unaccessible. The way i thought of implementing this is to create a fake ServerInfo where i would send the players if conditions are met. Then,i would send chunk data to the player and then make a runnable that sends keepalive packets to the players

    What Should it do:
    Look as a normal world to players and let them sit there while lobbies are back up, or slots go below the maximum

    I have 2 questions:
    - How can i check if player has been kicked from a server and exclude server change via plugin (eg: SlashServer)
    - How can i send chunk data packets? If it isn't efficient, is it viable for me to connect the player to a dummy server, let the server give him the chunk data, and then disconnect them and send keepalives?
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  2. Any solution?
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  3. This isn't the best performing idea, but I'm thinking add players UUID to a MySQL database table (or you can do a hashmap for better performance), send the player to that server, remove them from the table in database (or from hashmap).

    Answers to your questions:
    1. You wanted it to not allow players to change to the limbo server via getting kicked, /server, or using plugins so using this would make it so if the player is not in the table (or hashmap) you can kick them from the limbo server (or from the bungeecord proxy) which would make it so they can't join at all.
    2. Not sure what your asking/I don't have an answer.
  4. best way to do it

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