Solved Packet whilst typing (messing with chat)

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  1. Hello, I was wondering how the server detected that the player was typing, like before they hit enter to chat if you could put text into their chat bar before they even hit enter, and how you would go about doing that. I think that there would be a packet for this maybe a PacketType or something like that, I've seen this done before and I'm just curious as to how it's done, like holographicDisplays has that feature with there commands, it puts text into your chat bar.
  2. There's no such packet. Exactly what is Holographic Displays doing? Because it's not exactly that
  3. say I have this typed in chat:
    how would I go about changing it or writing something new programatically?
  4. What HolographicDisplays is doing is using the Minecraft JSON API which has a suggestion feature in which it will suggest in the chat box a specified message, this can only be done when clicking chat. And to answer your question, no.
  5. @ExoticCode not possible. Unless you use a click event that has action suggest_command it's not possible.
  6. so the only possible way is using a click event? That's fine with me but would I do that using ClickEvent.<x> with md_5's api?
  7. Will do, thank you.
  8. You can easily create JSON code using, this can be sent using BaseComponent.
  9. Oh, quick note Minecraft servers do not accept the character § (the colour code) when sending chat so don't use that in a suggestion. Also, mark this thread as solved. c:
  10. I know just a test :D, and of course, one moment