Spigot PacketsBookFix 1.5

The plugin fixes DOS packets of the book.

  1. demkom submitted a new resource:

    PacketsBookFix - The plugin fixes DOS packets of the book.

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  2. Where's the source for this? And why can't Java Decompiler decompile it?
  3. Because code of my plugin contain lamda from Java 8.
    Use http://www.javadecompilers.com
  4. The plugin was private, after it got to public access, I published it. But I was too lazy to clean it up ... :)
  5. I'm sorry, but the code in safePacket doesn't look right to me.

    First, the code in the if/else has the same code for each branch:
    hmap.put(p, System.currentTimeMillis()+PacketInMillis);

    Second, you then have a test:
    if (hmap.get(p) > System.currentTimeMillis())
    which is of course going to be true because you just set it to System.currentTimeMillis()+PacketInMillis

    Is that correct, or am I looking at it wrong?
  6. Just so you know, plugin.yml in the jar file still says it's version 1.0
  7. update 1.12.2 please..
  8. I believe this exploit was fixed in 1.11.2, so you don't need this plugin for 1.12.x.
  9. Does this work for 1.15?
  10. It makes no sense to install this plugin on servers with a version higher than 1.11.2, since the vulnerability has already been fixed in spigot for these versions.
  11. Ok I didn't know that, didn't need to come off that rude! :)
  12. Update 1.16.3\4 ?
  13. Pls update 1.17 (Java 16)