Pager Plugin. Is it possible?

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  1. Well your having a great day and you log in to your entire staff freaking out about spawn being unprotected and is being griefed. And you wish someone told you hours ago so you could have prevented it. Rather then giving out your skype, phone number or email to your entire staff how about a plugin that in some way emails you ( or contacts you ) externally from the game with a ingame command.

    such as /pager report (message here)
    First is this even remotely possible whatsoever?
  2. You don't give your staff your skype? .....................
    Every server that I've ever worked with or even know of have skype groups for staff chat.
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  3. Yes it is very possible.
    What I would do is have the plugin use a sql database. Then have a phone app to check the sql db every minute or something. I'm sure someone out there could probably get a plugin to send an email, but I'm not sure how the Java Security Manager would handle that.

    EDIT: I didn't see the the responses above as I loaded the page before they were written.
  4. Now i have to test that plugin and see if it still works sincce its outdated.

    Its a 533 KB file. Pretty large for such a plugin.
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  5. gigosaurus


    Another option would be to make a plugin which sends a POST request over HTTPS to the Pushbullet API, which will send a notification to your phone and other devices.
    Pushbullet is awesome.
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  6. Im setting that plugin up to email my text message inbox. Ill let you guys know if it works.

    Since its such a large file im having my dev check the code over to make sure its not poisoned or anything weird.
  7. Yes this is possible.
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  9. Very possible, but why?
  10. Objectively, skype is about as rotten as software gets. No need to take cover :)
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  11. Thanks for the great idea! I'm going to look into making this.