Paid advertising before launch? (trailers)

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  1. Do you think it's worth it? If so what would be a good budget to spend on re-uploads? I'm wondering if I should pay someone for a trailer and hype it up before launch or just list it on all lists I find once the server opens, I'm worried that if there's little to no players when the server opens the other people are just gonna come and leave after a few mins.

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    I think hype is generally pretty good. I've seen servers that have their website open and not their server. People would register on their website and keep constant track of the updates on the server. Then, when the server would open for a beta, people would already know about it.

    Trailers are good. :) Wouldn't watch a movie if you didn't see a trailer that hyped it, would you?
  3. Youtubers,server lists are the main ways of getting players.
  4. problem with youtube is you need to keep throwing money at them to get players. well the easiest way happens to be the most money hungry!
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  5. I plan on having my website open earlier, but for the trailer would it still work even if the youtuber that uploads it won't play? Would you happen to know a non paid way to hype up a server?

    Around how much would I be looking at for youtubers?

    Yeah, that's something I've been thinking over, I'm just not sure if I'm willing to throw so much money into a server right now.


    Anyway, thank you guys for your replies ^-^ I'm hoping to have more opinions on this :D
  6. Youtubers prices range for a good 20-300K views prob a lot of money you have to email the youtuber about that
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  7. I wouldn't start paid advertising until you've gained a small player base. Also, many people know this already but there's a little trick called "Editing your post on Minecraft-server-list" so it appears on recently updated. Although it seems pretty low-key stupid it works very well.

    Paying for a trailer is your choice, from what I've seen trailers never make a significant difference, there's ways to hype things up without spending money. *cough* "Rate My Server" if you haven't already. Keeping that updated publicizes your server pretty well and to be honest a lot of good contributors are active on Spigot which can really come in handy when the majority of the Spigot community knows about your server.

    Overall, getting publicity for your server is pretty beneficial.

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  8. I'll scratch of the trailer idea then, my problem now would be getting the "small playerbase" around how many players would that be?
  9. Create a beta for the server with applicants, those applicants will most likely stay if they like the server, giving you a set playerbase ahead of time. Hype it up from there with advertisements and other things.
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  10. Should it be a closed beta then? and where can I get these players that will be willing to play the beta? It's a factions server so I don't know if anyone wouls be interested in playing in a whitelisted one :(
  11. Yes, closed beta.

    Minecraftforum and Planetminecraft are good places to find beta testers.
  12. Thank you! I will make forms now so I'll have a list of players when it opens :)
  13. Indeed it does work very well however, I was banned for abusing it once lmao. I'm sure though if you did it every 12-24 hours or so, it would be fine. I just used it a few times within an hour or two period.