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  1. I'm re opening an old server of mine with a very large budget for advertising.A friend of mine who also used to host a Minecraft server said that when he used the website he got around 20-30 new players per day and his player base sky rocketed and he was averaging 100-200 players on during week days, and 200-300 players on the weekends. Has anyone used topg paid advertising, and is it worth the money? What are your suggestions?
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  2. I'm dying to know too. I'd be interested in seeing this question answered.
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  3. Under topg's FAQ theres a spot where it says they get over a million unique visitors per day, and over 8 million total per month.
  4. That's because its not only Minecraft servers but other games, too.
  5. Over 1 million a day and then 8 million a month? I'm not the greatest at math but ehm... XD
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  6. Bahahaha I know that's what I said when I read that.
  7. i don't wish to defend their website as i don't know it.
    If you only took the visitors for a single day, they can properly get 1 million unique (aka "new") visitors per day, but over a month, the same 1 million visitors is gonna revisit the website, in this case they will not count as a "unique" visitor, hence the reason for the skewed number.
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  8. Being real here, it sounds unlikely that it gets 1 million unique a day and 8 million a month. If that was the case why doesn't mineplex or hypixel get significantly more ?
  9. Not every visitor joins the server they see on top. Also, those servers are been here forever. Browsing a list and seeing Hypixel or Mineplex fly by, I'd by like "oh look Hypixel... Next"
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  10. Oh yea valid point that's true, idk just doesn't seem right to me..
  11. back on topic
    there is no such thing as a prefect "server list" / advertisement place, looking at web statistics like here
    it shows that most of there users are from USA.
    Say in my case, this would be a really bad place for me to advertise, as i mostly focus on players from EU. so i would not choose this website.
    But if your server is located in the US, then this might be as good as any.

    Yes, that number seems quite a bit too high, sadly i dont have access to there stats to check if the numbers are true.
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  12. Off-topic, topg's UI looks horrible and like its 10 years old ._.
  13. That description would fit me too

    But yes, back on topic. Is there anyone who used TOPG's premium slots and got a good result out of it? How expensive are they even?
  14. It's 19 dollars for 30 days, they have extended plans that save you month over month. I would assume it would help you if you don't get the votes, it basically adds 100-400 votes a month to your server, so you would be in the first few pages for a while. It's cheaper than bidding the thousands of dollars.
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  15. It's not $19, try $300 lol. My thought is it will help. I was on a server not too long ago I found on topg and I asked the owner, he said he gets 15 new players per day.
  16. uh... . Unless prices change depending on account this definitely says 19.
  17. well you did say premium :p lol. other wise to be top 5 it's 300, #1 is 600, but you can't purchase it for 117 days, and sponsor is 600 for 15 days, you can get that now. Honestly, 100 extra votes isn't enough to keep you in the spotlight, or even the first page for very long, many people have well over 100 votes on the pages. only the ad rank 1 is featured on every page. But it seems to help the servers get players. I bought a topslot on craftlist and didn't get any players from it yet, but you get what you pay for since there only 10 dollars. :p
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  18. I never said premium :p , I asked if its worth buying any form of advertisement on topg
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  19. I would say yes, I've personally found and visited a lot of great servers on TOPG on the top 5 and some I still go on from time to time. with any thing I would expect 1 in 10 or so players to frequent your server that visits, even less will donate. It just comes down to cost. If your server is set up to recoup the cost of the advertisement per player during the duration of the top slot then of course! If the cost per player (and with this one you'll get an influx of players) is greater than your per player average return, then no. there premium membership doesn't seem worth it, you may get a return on the beginning of the month, but larger servers will push you down before the week is out. The #1 slot isn't worth it since your actually lower than the top 5 and with 50 servers on the first page it's pointless to spend twice the money, not many people are going to search the sea of servers. I would get the 300 dollar top 5 if you can afford it and recoup your costs within the time period.