Paid BOSS plugin not working( Plugin Disabled )

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  1. Hi guys, im a small server hoster and i plan to release my server to the public in a few weeks. However i have just encounted a problem which i cant solve, no matter what i do. Here is the problem:

    When i type /Boss, it says cannot use this command while the plugin is disabled, and when i go to the console it does not say any errors on it it just says /Boss. It was working fine the whole time until when i added a plugin called command panels and projeckorra bending then my BOSS plugin stopped working. I removed those plugins i added, changed the server type and restarted the server, but to no avail. Please help me!

  2. First up, we have no clue which plugins you have since there's no link anywhere. Second, there's no startup logs or any other logs attached so we cannot verify that there is no error. Third, there's probably not much you can do, you're better off contacting the author.
  3. We need more information. Do /ver, /pl, and link us to this paid boss plugin you bought, or just ask the author for help.
  4. woops sorry, it's my first time. Will do soon
  5. plugin:

    08.06 12:52:46 [Server] INFO BOSS // Cannot use this command while the plugin is disabled.
    08.06 12:52:51 [Server] INFO CONSOLE issued server command: /list
    08.06 12:53:03 [Server] INFO Fetching all due players...
    08.06 12:53:04 [Server] INFO Fetched due players (0 found).

    This is all i can find, is there anything else i need to post?
  6. Do /ver, /pl

    these surely still work
  7. The start-up log will have information on why it was disabled
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