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  1. Hello all.

    I am currently looking to hire a relatively large YouTuber (preferably 100,000+ subs) to record on our server, however I'm unsure how to actually arrange this. As larger YouTubers don't always respond to each e-mail.

    I had a look here: but information is very out of date, with subscriber counts being 20% of what they are now and no doubt price changes too.

    Any tips would be great, or even a place to post requesting YouTubers and such. I'm able to offer reasonable compensation both in game and of course payment per videos (Up to $1,000 USD) depending on the size of said YouTuber and the terms.

  2. If you don't know anyone who's already in contact with them, contacting them through emails and social media would be your best shot.

    Ask people around, if you can't get their direct contact, try to get contact of people that they record with, then you can get in contact with them through those 2nd parties. Work your way around it.

    Just remember, it's not going to be easy. :)
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  3. Thanks :)