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Select which paintings you place

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    PaintingSelector - Select which paintings you place

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  2. WIll this be updated to work on 1.9 :)
    Would love to add this to my creative server

    Ooops i just read your profile post :D
    Since you ARE adding 1.9 support to all your plugins.

    Where is this one on your list?
  3. Yes, I will update it.
    I don't have a list where I decide the order of updates, I just update them when I feel like doing it.
  4. Can't DL it keeps saying to check your add blocker is turned off, I have no add blocker lol
  5. I have no idea what website it redirects you to, but I don't have anything telling you about adblockers. :p
    If it's adfly, try another browser, try switching the download to shortest (link below the download button), or use the ad-free download.
  6. is there a way to make the "wand" a one time use ? or maybe make a second type of wand,please and thank you !! I just want to add to my shops, and a one time wand would be a great idea i think :D
  7. Really good and interesting plugin. That would be amazing having these features:
    1) Custom displayed name for special painting items assigned for every picture type.
    2) A list of these painting items whose order of toggling depends on. I'll create some example below.
    3) If paintings are too big take up the space what they are supposed to take up, cancel action and send a custom action bar message (also a chat message but action bar would be finest for this case) that says that the requested picture is too big for the available space.
    4) Toggling if you prefer that special painting items have also some other tag like 254th enchantment (just glowing without displaying anything independently from the HideFlags tag) or others like lores to describe what is the picture if name isn't enough.
    5) [Command Improvement] Instead of not considering any argument with /paintingselector and aliases, try setting it so that it displays the list of paintings if the 1st argument is list or help and then to give the player the specific painting selector type if he, par example, types "/ps SKULL_AND_ROSES".
    Code (Text):

      - KEBAB
      - AZTEC
      - ALBAN
      - AZTEC2
      - BOMB
      - PLANT
      - POOL
      - COURBET
      - SEA
      - SUNSET
      - CREEBET
      - WANDERER
      - GRAHAM
      - MATCH
      - BUST
      - STAGE
      - VOID
      - WITHER
      - FIGHTERS
      - POINTER
      - PIGSCENE
      - SKELETON
      #This would be the default configuration
      display-name: '&6Painting Selector &7[%painting_name%]&r'
      - 'First lore line.'
      - 'Second lore line.'
      glowing: true
    #General format should be applied to paintings that haven't any specific (below) option set
      painting: AZTEC
        display-name: '&6Aztec painting.'
        - 'Another type of first lore line.'
        - 'Another type of second lore line.'
        glowing: false
      painting: MATCH
        display-name: '&4Fire&6 and &dhand&6 match'
        - 'I think you understood the format &b#1'
        - 'I still think you understood the format &b#2'
        glowing: false
    #Specific formats are gonna target painting par painting and they're gonna have more priority than general.
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  8. Looks like a helpful plugin can u plz add support for 1.13+?
    Atm in 1.13.2 I can't seem to get it to work
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