Premium PandaWire (1.8.8-1.15.2) [Paid]

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  1. Please a Statement @md_5
  2. Is this now baked into 1.16?
  3. Hi, is this working on 1.8? Thanks.
  4. Available Spigot Versions (See Version History Tab):
    • 1.8.8
    • 1.9.4
    • 1.10.2
    • 1.11.2
    • 1.12
    • 1.13.1
    • 1.13.2
    • 1.14.4
    • 1.15
    • 1.15.1
    • 1.15.2
  5. Yes but this had no updates and i've heard people that said it isn't working. I need to know if someone actually tested it. Thanks.
  6. Who said that PandaWire doesn’t work with 1.8.8?

    Check out the first and second page. There you can find some information about the 1.8 version.
  7. Owners from other servers told me that it gave exceptions on the console so i refrained myself to spend the money for it. (Dollars are hard to get in my country) So i would like to hear someone that was able to actually run it in a real server with some Spigot fork and a bunch of plugins installed.
  8. PandaWire works perfect in 1.8.8 (But brokes some redstone plugins)
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  9. Are you going to update to 1.16x?
  10. The plugin seems to not be working, I start the server but the plugin doesn't do anything it doesn't even turn into a file it just stays as a jar If that makes sense, could anybody help with this?
    Using 1.12
    22.03 19:17:58 [Server] INFO Disabling PandaWire v1.0.4-SNAPSHOT
    22.03 19:18:11 [Server] INFO Loading PandaWire v1.0.4-SNAPSHOT
    22.03 19:18:11 [Server] INFO Enabling PandaWire v1.0.4-SNAPSHOT
    22.03 19:39:07 [Server] INFO Disabling PandaWire v1.0.4-SNAPSHOT
    22.03 19:39:10 [Multicraft] Running script _rm
    22.03 19:39:11 [Script _rm] [_rm] ‘plugins/PandaWire.jar’ -> ‘/servers/.trash/server659730/plugins/PandaWire.jar’
    22.03 19:39:11 [Script _rm] Done, returned Ok
  11. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Sorry what do you mean doesn't turn into a file? There is no configuration, it's not meant to turn into anything.

    Whatever you have called 'script_rm' is deleting PandaWire.
  12. Hi. Is there a chance to update this to 1.16.x ?
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  13. @md_5 Is it possible to update the plugin to the supported and the latest version of spigot? (1.16.5)
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  14. oh yeessssss
  15. Update 1.17.1 I will buy today.
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