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  1. SlimeDog

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    Is PandaWire useful to augment 1.12.2 as well as the listed versions (is it just missing from the list Available Spigot Versions, or subsumed by 1.12)?
  2. md_5

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    1.12 works for 1.12.2
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  3. Hey,

    Are there any known bugs which are important to know before I buy this resource?

  4. You can download it for free to test it and then decide if you wan't to support this masterpiece
  5. Might be easier to ask instead of testing all complicated scenarios xD
  6. SlimeDog

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    It might be easier for you to test the scenarios of interest to you, rather than others trying to guess what they are.

    For what it's worth, we have been using PandaWire for a few weeks, with no bugs observed. That might help if you make the blasé assumption that our use cases and patterns are similar to yours.
  7. That's the reason why I asked for known bugs :p

    So there aren't any know bugs. I guess that's the answer.
  8. question should i leave this on or off when using this plugin?

    fire-physics-event-for-redstone: false
  9. Would also love to know but I've always had it set to true, don't think it matters too much with this plugin I think its just for other plugin listeners. I don't think it matters. But not 100%.
  10. Would it be possible to test out an older version of the plugin? Running a 1.10.2 server and I'd love to see if this plugin would work for me.
  11. @md_5
    May I leave as false this feature on paper when using PandaWire?

    fire-physics-event-for-redstone: false
  12. md_5

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    Only spigot is supported.
  13. While not officially supported paper does work and that setting can be turned off.
  14. How to fix bug 1.10.2

    Bug Log

  15. You’re using the 1.12 version on 1.10.2.
  16. How to download old version ?
  17. Buy the plugin then you can access them in the version history tab. :)
  18. Discussion is for buyers only, but you have the link available to download it for free also? I intend to buy the plugin, but I was wondering what the difference is in the free version and the $10 version?
  19. md_5

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    Only 1.12 is free.
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  20. paper:
    fire-physics-event-for-redstone: false (Since He's telling Op to turn it off I assume false is on?)

    Lol Confused so false is off or on? @md_5
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