Spigot PAPI - Skript expansion 1.0.0

an expansion that let's you use variables with PlaceholderAPI!

  1. F8te submitted a new resource:

    PAPI - Skript expansion - an expansion that let's you use variables with PlaceholderAPI!

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  2. Hi dude nice addon but is there a way that i can change the message if the variable is not set?
  3. Does Maxim have his own Placeholders for Skript? I didnt know that... How can i use that (Or can you add support for the MVDW PlaceholderAPI, when i use both, and use the PlaceholderAPI placeholder with MVDW PlaceholderAPI, than it wont work (The { for player)
  4. You can check out Skript placeholders for MvdW's premium plugins here:

    And I could add MvdWPlaceholderAPI support but that'd be kinda pointless since it already has the same functionality in any of his premium plugins. I guess I could add % to be an alias of % for the player/uuid replacement, it'll not work with PAPI though.
  5. SlimeDog

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    Spigot 1.16.1
    PlaceholderAPI 2.10.7-DEV-25 and later

    This expansion's PlaceholderAPI registration is out-of-date. See reference issue.
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  6. I haven't looked at the expansion since forever considering there are now addons like skript-placeholder or Ersatz, but I guess I can look at it.
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  7. SlimeDog

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    There hasn't been a need until now. It worked great until the PAPI method pruning a few days ago.
  8. papi 2.10.9 broke this addon >.<
  9. Is there any chance this will be updated with the new methods from PAPI? Its been an invaluable resource for me, and I'd hate to lose it to what seems to be a relatively simple fix.
    (I'm not a coder, granted, so maybe its more complex than I realize)

    A developer on my server updated this expansion for me; I had him put it on our github publically so that anyone who comes across this can use this expansion in 1.16.2 (which is the version I have tested it on, i cannot guarentee it will work on 1.16.3. It should, though, I can't imagine why it wouldn't I have updated my server to 1.16.4 1.16.5, this still works flawlessly.)

    (If the above link does not work properly for any reason, send me a DM on discord at `Lucy Valeheart#0001`)

    It isn't on the eCloud thing with PAPI unfortunately- to use our update of it, go to your PlaceholderAPI folder, then into the Expansions folder, and drag and drop the jar file in. All it should require is a `/papi reload` for the expansion to function.

    (If this isn't allowed, or if the original developer does not want this update of the expansion linked here, let me know and I will remove the link; I just wanted to help anyone else with my issue in case someone else used this.)
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  10. Thank you SOOOO much for making this update public! Really helped me out!
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  11. This does not work
    Skript code (I want to view the tokens::%player% variable):
    Code (Text):
      {tokens::%player%} = 0
    command /tokeny testbuy <number>:
      permission: simocraft.tokeny.testbuy
      usage: "/tokenytestbuy pocet"
        send title "&a&lTOKENY" with subtitle "&fZakoupil jsi &a%arg-1% &ftokenu!" to all players for 5 seconds
        broadcast ""
        broadcast ""
        broadcast "            &a&lTokeny"
        broadcast ""
        broadcast "      &aZakoupene tokeny"
        broadcast ""
        broadcast "         &aPocet: &f%arg-1%"
        broadcast "         &aHrac: &f%player%"
        broadcast ""
        broadcast ""
        add 1 to {tokens::%player%}
    command /tokenybalance:
        send "&7[&a&lSimoCraft&7] &fMomentalne mas &a%{tokens::%player%}% &ftokenu"
    My Sidebar code (With the placeholder):
    Code (Text):
        - '   &eTokeny&f: %skript_tokens::%player%%'
  12. What version is your server in? And are you using the fork i posted a few replies up, or the latest download from this dev?

    If you're using the download from this spigot post, that version does not work on later versions of minecraft. Try using the download on my github link above.
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  13. Any plans on updating to 1.16?
  14. Use the version i linked in my first post to this thread