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  1. Is it possible to make it a sea with water and islands instead of a sky?
  2. no, it is not possible
  3. Alright I will think about buying it.
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  4. Any chance we could get standard clay in generation?
  5. For example?
  6. Perhaps underwater in the swampy areas, or as an ore inside the islands.
    People on our server want it but can't get it in natural generation.
  7. Yes, it's possible! Thanks.
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  8. So it there any ip of test server or something? Pics are nice, but it's easy to find right angle and trick things to make it pretty. I'd prefer to see with own eyes, walk a bit before making a purchase.
  9. Yes, of course. It's almost ready. :)
  10. May I inquire about the future of Paradise Land as well as upcoming features(if any at all)? So I could better configure what I will be doing with our Aether Skyland World, as we'll be starting work on it in a few days.

    We were looking forward to the other small features you had mentioned prior, so was just wanting to know in advance if you have the time to spare to let me know.

    Much love and kisses <3
  11. I'm going to improve the speed and the used memory at the generation, I almost completed the next update which will floating dungeons and faster speed of generation. Please, give me time becouse i study a lot :)
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  12. That is no problem. I am more wondering about the ability to make islands more sparse and spread out than anything to be honest.

    I am in no real rush, as the server isn't going to be launched until late next year. So all is good my friend.
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  13. This is a well thought off idea / plugin
    Any info on when this will support custom structures?
    Where are you planning to go with this?
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  14. Your plugin has leaked...
  15. In a few days
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  16. Don't worry...
  17. Hey ! Any date about release of official v2 ? :D
  18. In this or next week
  19. 50% discount before the next update!