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  1. How should I have people apply for staff? Should they have to write a few paragraphs that include a list of things that need to be included or should it be a form with a list of questions?
  2. Having a set of questions that you would like them to answer will probably be easiest for you. Just make sure to note that answers should be in full sentences, or however else you'd like to have them do it.

    Really, when it comes to staff, personal reviews of each player and interviewing them (voice) is the way to go :) Developing your own staff training system can be a lot of work, but will be worth it once the system is up and working.
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    Generally, you want to give ppl as much freedom as possible in writing their application. The preferred way would be listing a few questions you want to have answered and just give the users a large text field for even an email address.
    If you fear that your users are not able to include the answers to your questions (you should consider if you really want them as staff...) you can make a form with the questions and give the users a large text field where they can write some extra stuff.
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