Spigot Parkour Expansion 1.8

Placeholder expansion for Parkour

  1. can you use this in HD holographic display? because i tried to download all the plugin but after typing the placeholder ,
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  2. Hi, I've added an example of how to do this to the overview page.
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  3. does this support HD hologram display? or only in animated scoreboard display?

    i am using holographic display i want the leaderboard for parkour floating. but when i type the %parkour_last_completed% ro any of this variables

    it wont show in holographic display all i can is the variables on the display floating :)

    i want it to be like this in the photos

  4. Holographic Displays on its own doesn't support placeholders. So to create holograms from placeholders you need the Holographic Extensions plugin or something similar.

    If you have that installed and its just creating a hologram of the variable names, then you may have installed v1.9 of Holographic Extensions. Check the console startup messages to make sure its v1.8. (On his download page the link for version 1.8 actually downloads v1.9, so click "older versions" and choose 1.8 from the list).

    Other than that you need these plugins:
    Parkour-Expansion (placed in the expansions folder of PlaceholderAPI)
    Parkour 4.1

    Then you should be able to create holograms using the placeholders as in this photo. The command I used is in the photo:

  5. I am using
    Holographic Displays v2.2.6
    Parkour Expansion 1.0.2
    Parkour 4.1
    Holographic Extension 1.9

    oh ok thanks i will try to use the old version because i have 1.9 i can use placeholder for player counts using holographic display but only this parkour wont appear on my server :) thanks
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  6. can i ask again sorry because im new in making server i'm still studying the plugins and the format or placeholder ,
    what will i type to make it like this in the picture? top 10 parkour players

    -----> https://gyazo.com/01178b7a4b6f634335d65daa509472b9
  7. Ok, thats basically a holographic leaderboard. At the moment you can't do that as there is only a placeholder for 1st place not the top 10 positions, but I should be able to create a placeholder for each position....let me do some testing and I'll hopefully post an update later.
  8. steve4744 updated Parkour Expansion with a new update entry:

    1.0.3 update

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  9. steve4744 updated Parkour Expansion with a new update entry:

    1.0.4 update

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  10. Hello!

    I am trying to use these placeholders in a GUI Menu and it's not working.

    I have placed the Jar in the expansions folder and am using up to date plugins on 1.12.2 and I reloaded.

    Any idea why it won't work?

  11. Hi,
    is it just Parkour placeholders that aren't working? You need to do something like this to set them:

    Code (Text):
    public void onJoin(PlayerJoinEvent event) {
            String withoutPlaceholdersSet = "You are Parkour level:  %parkour_level%";
            String withPlaceholdersSet = PlaceholderAPI.setPlaceholders(event.getPlayer(), withoutPlaceholdersSet);
  12. Hi,

    Sorry for the misunderstanding but I am trying to use it in a GUI Creation plugin called Chest Commands. It's not working in there.

    Does it need to be coded into a plugin in order to use the placeholders?

  13. Hi,

    No problem - happy to try and help. I think yes is the short answer. You should be able to do it in your plugin, but you need to call "PlaceholderAPI.setPlaceholders" to populate the required placeholder with a value.
  14. Hi! Could it be possible to add a %parkour_rank% placeholder in addition to the ranks please? That would be really helpful from you since its something I really need.
  15. Hi......yes sure. I'll add it as soon as I can.
  16. Thank you so much :p
  17. clip


    @steve4744 If you want, you can create an account on my site and upload this expansion to the expansion cloud. Then users would be able to access/download this expansion right from in game how my expansions are.

    Once you confirm your account via email, you can simply click the "add expansion" button on the main page and the rest is pretty straightforward.

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