Spigot Particle Balloons 1.6

Eula compliant balloons :)

  1. Please, add a Language File. :D
  2. Does this cause any lag?
  3. Probably not, but I have only really tested it with me being on xD
  4. Hmm may give it a try. We use many particle plugins and the main features are disabling them while in in pvp, doubt this exist correct?
  5. That doesn't exist in this plugin, released it yesterday lol
  6. It's all good, so far so good! No errors no lag :)
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  8. Im going to add a messages file soon- but I can't change the name of the items of colours, because im looping thru all bukkit regular colours :p

    Also inside the worldguard region can you leash entities?
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  9. Thanks m8
  10. Please, add a language file. :)
  11. I agree! The prefix and No Permission triggers my ocd haha!
    No flag for leash :eek: I'll keep checking..
  12. Yes Kevin. :D And the colours. ;(
  13. Ah it has to do with "mob-spawning" deny flag for some reason. Only issue now is exactly on spawn point, maybe spawn protection prevents this?

    Also bugs when you sit in chairs and get out of it: https://gyazo.com/3feb45ba6d41635df556390cf91e6aa1
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  14. Fkin hell, the balloon is really a invisible bat and thats causing all sorts of trouble, ill see what i can do xD
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  15. Thank you.
  16. Can you remove the bat sound?