ParticleEffect: Hydropump

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  1. Hey guys! I'm working on an particle plugin, but I dont get it..

    It should appear down here:


    The blue middle line, must be WATER_SPARK.
    And the white lines around must be FIREWORK_SPARK.

    Is here someone who can help me with this code?

    (Sorry for my English, I'm Dutch)
  2. You don't think that picture is a minecraft screenshot.. right?
    Hope not..
    If not, @DarkSeraphim + Vector or what they use for particles = Profit.
  3. Doesn't look super hard to make. You would just make a cylinder in the direction of the player and then a spiral going around that cylinder.
  4. No, Its form pokemon. But I want to make this in MC
  5. As far i understand it. But ho can i make it. That was my the question
  6. @finnbon
  7. Use vectors and timings to make the circle part, you need to use cos, sin, hype, triganometry.
  8. If you have no knowledge of triganometry you can check the first math tutorial in my signature. I believe I still have an effect like that laying around somewhere, you can add me on skype. :)
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  9. pls share pokemon is lyfe
  10. I've added you on Skype