Spigot ParticlePainter 1.0

Create 3D paintings with particles

  1. inventivetalent submitted a new resource:

    ParticlePainter - Create 3D paintings with particles

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  2. Good:)
    I have a worry
    Why dont open a premium subject?
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  3. You don't get tired of doing amazing things? :eek:
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  4. Congratulations for 4000+ downloads ._.
  5. that was a close one @vk2gpz is catching up ;)

    EDIT: Nice plugin, you could add particle text
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  6. Lol, I could release the rest of 96 plugins all at once ;)
  7. let stay with 2 at a time
  8. Thanks, but I believe that isn't the real download amount.
    It increased by 100-300 after reloading and my website statistics also show other values.
  9. One of my other plugins already has particle texts, but I could add it for this one as well.
    (The plugin is only on BukkitDev)
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  10. Wow. Did it again. Amazing plugin mate.
  11. you should do that or move that plugin to spigot
  12. Nice Plugin!
  13. Broken on Spigot 1.8.3.
  14. Please be more specific.
  15. Here I Want to Say (RLY) You Are Best Developer
    Keep Going Pro Please!
    THX :)

  16. Hey, can you help me? I made a plugin review for this plugin and when I made the tutorial like 3 weeks ago the plugin worked but now the particles aren't showing up when I paint. I tried 1.8.5, .6, & .7. I also tried an older version of particleLIB but nothing .. ):
  17. You and your weird plugin problems :p

    Did you toggle /pp show?
    Any client mods?
  18. Yes I know ):
    Yes and yes, Optifine
  19. Did you change anything specific since it worked?