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  1. I don't know if this is the correct forum to post such a suggestion but here it goes!

    ParticlePlayEvent can be an event that is fired every time a particle spawns. It can implement cancellable and it could have the following Methods:

    Code (Text):
    public EnumParticle getParticle();

    public Location getLocation();

    public float getXOffset();

    public float getYOffset();

    public float getZOffset();

    public float getData();

    public int getAmount();

    public int[] getData();
    The methods have no bodies for demonstration purposes. The only con I think there would be with adding such an event is that it could get called a ton.
  2. I support this idea. The only problem with it would be it being fired a ton of times/second when lots of particles spawn, but that could be fixed by adding a "debounce" filter; only fire the event after x seconds.
  3. I definitely think this would be nice.
  4. Hex

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    Try posting this as a new feature issue on the issue tracker. Anyways, I like the idea.
  5. Okay I posted it on issue tracker :)

    Thanks everybody for the positive feedback!