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  1. Hello! (Sorry if I posted this in the Wrong Section)

    I own a server called Hexterria. It's currently a factions server looking to expand to Skyblock as it's next gamemode. Last release was a while ago and we had over 250 players during SOTW. The First release had 50-100 throughout the map with over 600$ in donations.

    Anyhow, I'm looking for a partner / owner who has past experience in owning / working for servers, contacts to devs, builders, youtubers, and general financial support. If you meet all if not most of the requirements please feel free to contact me via discord.

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  2. Your server had 50-100 players online and only made $600 total in donations?
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  3. Yep map was super short due to bugs
  4. >only
    that's a lot in his defense