Bungee - Proxy Party and Friends For Bungeecord 1.0.76

Easy to use Party and friends Plugin for Bungeecord [All languages]

  1. YAAAAAAAY :D The Error in my startup is because i didnt connected to MySQL right?
  2. If you are not connected to a mysql database, yout will get an error and the plugin won't work.
  3. Suggest:
    */party admin cancel [name leader]
    */party admin cancelall
    */party admin spychat
    */party admin disable
    */party admin tp [leader] [server]
    *Config to select the limit to the users in party
    *permission to have unlimited users
    */party removeall
    */party disable [disable send a recive party request]
    */party enable [enable send a recive party request]
    *add permission
    *add vip feactures
    • I won´t add add a spy feature.
    • A feature to limit users per party is already in the plugin.
    • For the most things there are already permissions.
    • I will add a permission for unlimited users in one party.
    • Which features do you mean by "vip features"?
  4. The inventory GUI is submitted it only needs to be approved by someone of the spigot forum team.
  5. The inventory GUI is now finaly released.
  6. Yesterday put a plugin was pleased
  7. Love this Plugin but please add an GUI for free.
  8. I will not add a free gui, because this would be unfair for those who bought the plugin with inventory gui.
  9. wouldn't this interfere with mcmmo /party ?
  10. I don´t know mcmmo, but if it use the command /party you can disable in the BungeeCord config and set an alias for the /party command in the config of this plugin, so you can use the alias for the /party command of this plugin.
  11. Hay ich hab ein Problem undzwar kann ich die Knöpfe in den Einstellungen nicht drücken :c

    Was habe ich falsch gemacht oder liegt das am Plugin?
  12. Ist es normal das es keine Tab Vervollständigungen gibt wenn ich /friend add Nick-Tabben will? Usernicks die online sind lassen sich einfach nicht tabben :-(