Bungee - Proxy Party and Friends For Bungeecord 1.0.81

Easy to use Party and friends Plugin for Bungeecord [All languages]

  1. This looks like an awesome plugin, I'll try it out tomorrow morning :) Could you add a feature to warp your party to your current server (in the proxy), and join a server that your friend is in? (Unless that's what /friend jump is, like I said, I'm going to try it out in the morning ;D)
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  2. A party will disband if everyone leaves. I will add an option, that you can disable sub commands
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  3. Good to know they disband.
    Also.. It never created a messages.yml: http://pastebin.com/DRVrYq0b

    Edit: Can you make a configurable list. So when the leader of a party goes to X server, party players are teleported. But if he goes to Y server, party players aren't teleported.
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  4. @BiGUNMAN
    I should have fixed the bug.
    Already only if the party leader switchs the server, all other will switch the server.
  5. No, I mean. If party leader switches to certain configured servers it won't teleport all the players. So that the following does not happen: Party joins minigames server. Leader loses minigames early and leaves the minigames server. Everyone else leave the game, although he didn't lose early.
  6. I will add this feature after the messages.yml updates
  7. Vielen Dank das sie es einfügen werden. Ich nenne ihnen einmal meinen Grund warum ich dieses Feature brauche: Beispiel: 2 Personen in der Party gehen in eine Bedwars Runde. Deren Bett wird abgebaut und der eine stirbt. Dieser wird zur Lobby teleportiert der andere der aber eigentlich noch kämpfen könnte teleportiert sich mit und verlässt dadurch das Spiel
  8. Could you implement a recognition for joining games. For example: I join a game and my party will join the same game.
  9. If the party switchs the server, all party members already get a notification and join the server
  10. Can you add it so staff can see what players are messaging each other ?
  11. No, there won't be a spy tool.
  12. hi the plugin wont load heres what i saw in the consle


    at mySql.mySql.datenbankImportieren(mySql.java:402)

    at party.Party.onEnable(Party.java:92)

    at net.md_5.bungee.api.plugin.PluginManager.enablePlugins(PluginManager.java:220)

    i think my mysql is not loading properly
  13. Have you set the database in the conifg?
  14. yes i configured all the database info in the config.yml
  15. What version should I run of bungeecord
    Like what build
  16. You should run the build 1078 (latest build).
  17. Ok Thanks
  18. Would be nice if you could add a mail system like essentials.

    /gmail send:all message

    This will send everyone in the party mail. usually better for a friends plugin so that you use /gmsg (global msg) for global messaging to friends.