Paste LARGE amounts of text into a book? (Plugin)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Collserra, May 12, 2016.

  1. I have been trying to paste a very very large amount of text into a book (Like this much... (

    Apparently, there a a lot of reasons I can't.
    Firstly, you can't paste into books if the paste is over one page long, so in-game vanilla copypasta is out.
    Through the use of third-party editors/plugins you can, but books have a roughly ~12-13k character limit, and I'd like to try and get more in, so those are... out? (If there's something that gets around this, I have not found it yet.)

    Command blocks can apparently do it through a /give @p command (like from here ( ), but command blocks have a roughly 32k character limit.

    Is this even remotely possible through the use of a plugin, or anything, or should I just give up all hope on putting novels into Minecraft books?
  2. No that isn't possible.
    It is blocked in the Minecraft code so you can't have more characters than that, even with a plugin.
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  3. I use Essentials books to give custom books, you can just copypaste the book data into a txt format :D
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  4. Yes but you can't as much text as that.
  5. With this solution you can add as much as you will ever be able to add, it is still the ultimate solution.
  6. I need to try, but if I remember, there will only be 32K characters shown.
  7. Yes but that is in no way going against what I just said.