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  2. Are you willing to get into NMS a little?

    I would paste it without external library and write my own.
    But i'm pretty sure some version of WE should work for 1.9, but i never used the WE API so i don't know.

    Let´me know if you're willing to do it by yourself without WE and i might help you out.
  3. Ideally i'd like to use no external libraries, but i've never messed with NMS. Willing to try!
  4. Instead of Posting 4 replies (because of the 20000 character Limit), i'll post a JAR containing all classes with sources.
    Depending on your IDE, you can easily import it.

    Basics you need to know:

    The below posted code will be for 1.10.2 you'll need to adopt it to 1.9 (shouldn't be too hard).
    You need to make sure, that you include a full server JAR as reference (NMS included, not only the bukkit / spigot API).
    To adapting the code for 1.9 you'll need a decompiler and search for the methods like in 1.10.2 do the same (in best case they're still the same, but normally mojang changes names).

    Once you've looked into it either you're completely clueles now - then better find a compatible version of WE, WE could do all this within i guess 4 lines of code.
    - OR -
    You're motivated now to write your own schematic library!

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  5. I'll give it my best shot, however this is the most advanced thing I've tried with plugins. Thanks for the help.