Spigot Pastebin Log 2.0

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  1. ricardofalcao submitted a new resource:

    Pastebin Log - Pastebin your latest server log!

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  2. Did you change your messages.yml? Does it have %s correctly?
  3. this is what generated with plugin first load: paste-success: '&aSuccess! There is your pastebin: &b%ps'
  4. Try to replace the %ps with %s, it was a bug, solved!
  5. Tried that, now shows %s in the chat rather than the link
  6. Humm I will take a look and patch it
  7. Can you make it compatable with 1.8? <3
  8. I am working now on updates for 1.12 and 1.12.1!
  9. Unfortunatly I had to remove the source code, because I made my framework private now.
  10. How Can I Use It For NCP