Solved Pathfinders in 1.17

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by KotoHacker, Jun 11, 2021.

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  1. With new version methods like goalSelector and targetSelector was disappeared. What should I replace them with?

    And, already from 1.16 I have problem with clearing bField. new UnsafeList<PathfinderGoalSelector>()) doesn't works. What should I replace this with too?

    Code (Text):
    public void removePathFinders(Entity entity) {
            EntityCreature c = (EntityCreature) ((CraftEntity) entity).getHandle();
            try {
                Field bField = PathfinderGoalSelector.class.getDeclaredField("b");
                Field cField = PathfinderGoalSelector.class.getDeclaredField("c");
                bField.set(c.goalSelector, new UnsafeList<PathfinderGoalSelector>());
                bField.set(c.targetSelector, new UnsafeList<PathfinderGoalSelector>());
                cField.set(c.goalSelector, new EnumMap<>(PathfinderGoal.Type.class));
                cField.set(c.targetSelector, new EnumMap<>(PathfinderGoal.Type.class));
            } catch (Exception exc) {
  2. Read annoucment of 1.17 at developers notes about nms, they reverted to obfuscates names of methods or something idk
  3. Have you all conspired or what? I know, but I can't find the method I need.
  4. gsk


    I believe you are looking for this:
    bO and bP are the the goalSelector and targetSelector. I'm not sure which is which yet.
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  5. How have you done the mappings thing?
  6. Doing this with Mojang mappings is much more fun. You can reobfuscate your jar afterwards using specialsource.
  7. Thanks! It works...? I can't check it because i've this error when compiling project using maven:
    I am importing this class. This also applies to other similar package classes.
  8. I changed JDK to 16 in my project. Now it has compiled.
  9. Solved. I removed this code.
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