Pathfinding Range

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  1. Hello, does anyone know how I could modify an entity's target range. For example: Wither is 20 blocks in the air, is there a way to still make it target an entity?

    This is for 1.8 btw Version: 1_8_R1

    I also need help with a custom entity. My custom entity(wither) has some trouble attacking monsters. I tried to set it's target to a skeleton, it did attack it, but I want to make it so that it does not move to the skeleton in order to attack it.
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  2. Ah ok ty, can't test it right now, currently in class. Do you know of a method to set the Wither's primary target to monsters? I tried to set the pathfinder target goal to monsters, it did work, but the problem is that it will move toward the monster, I need it to be stationary. Janhektor
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