Spigot PatternPortals 1.5.5β

Easily create portals to link multiple locations, even in survival!

  1. Could you please explain the bug in more detail?
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  2. water bug. help pls

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  3. Could an option be added to make the block blacklist into a whitelist so only the blocks listed can be used for valid portals?
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  4. What is the bug? The picture doesn't look like a bug. If you are talking about the water not going to the top, that is a Minecraft bug.
  5. Sure
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  6. its not working
    im on spigot-1.11.2-20170302a.jar

    and i do have SparseBukkitAPI installed
  7. I'll need more information than that, are there any errors in the console? Assuming the numbers in the jar name refer to a date, perhaps your Spigot is outdated?
  8. no, its not outdated, i just told you the version i have...
    and there is nothing in console and there isnt even anything in the PatternPortals folder.
  9. If there is nothing in the console and you are sure that it isn't outdated then there isn't much I can do to help you, it's just not enough information.

    You say you told me the version you have, and to me it looks very much like a date "20170302". That looks like February or March of 2017, that would be outdated.

    EDIT: Did you build the portal frame(s) correctly? Did you throw in a nether star or whatever you have the item set to in the config?
  10. Would it be possible to add an option to limit how many portals (groups &/or amount of portals in a group) a player could make?
  11. It should be possible, I might add that.
  12. I'd say that is caused by the over 1000 entities that were loaded. If you expect to continue to have that many entities, change the entity-detection-rate in the config
    Code (Text):
      #How often should the plugin check if an entity went through a portal. (Lower is more laggy, higher is less accurate.)
      #(int | 1-20)
      entity-detection-rate: 1