Spigot PayForCommand [1.9-1.13] 1.1.8

This plugin allows you to set a price for a command.

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    PayForCommand - This plugin allows you to set a price for a command.

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  2. I have some features you could add that I think lots of people would appreciate (including me).

    1. The ability to buy a command to be used on them.
    For example: A players pays $100 and gets healed (/heal) but does not get the command or have to type the heal command.

    2. The ability to buy (and suggestion #1) commands using items, exp, or money.
    For example: A player buys /setWarp for 32 iron blocks. The 32 iron blocks are taken from his inventory. If he does not have 32 iron blocks he will be notified he can not afford it.
    Example 2: A player buys /Setwarp for 40 exp levels.

    3. I'm not positive if this is the case because I haven't downloaded it yet but the it appeared in the screenshot it shows money as 5.50$ for example. You could make it configurable so it could be 5.50$ or $5.50 ($5.50 is for us americans).

    Anyways very cool plugin and if these features are added it could open up a ton of possibilities!
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  3. Interesting idea.

    Interesting idea. (again ;))

    You can change the text in the Messages.yml.

    I will put number 1 and 2 on my todo list.
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  4. Amazing plugin! :) Does everything it says! :p
  5. Along with my review I have more suggestions for features:

    - option in config to physically put in commands that can be purchased
    - option to configurably edit the command in/out of game in config or GUI to have a custom set message for each command and custom lore
  6. Keep up the good work!
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  7. @F_o_F_1092 The messages.yml file doesn't work. I tried to edit the messages to fix grammar errors and successfully reloaded the plugin. But the msgs in game haven't changed. Please fix. Other then that, very nice! :)

    Edit: Configuring anything then reloading the plugin doesn't work. So I'm guessing the reload command is broken for /pfc reload. I think this because I tried changing the price of a command from $3 to $300 and it still only charges $3
    Edit 2: Also could you create aliases for commands? For example: Players can use /msg for $300 and the aliases: /m, /er, /r, /etell, /tell, /t, /w, /whisper, /reply, /message, etc.
    Because it would certainly make it less confusing for it to all be in one spot like this:
    Edit 3:
    1. If players don't have the permission it says they're supposed to have in config, it allows them to do it anyway. For example: A player on my server tried to teleport to me using /tpa (with no permission node for it aka essentials.tpa and no permission node from the plugin) and it allowed him to use the command.
    2. If a player does not have the permission to perform the command such as /efix and tries to perform the command, it takes the money then says insufficient permission.

    Yes, the 2 bugs are contradicting I think. I'm very confused because I've encountered both.
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  8. I forgot to post this ... *facepalm* ...

    One-time purchase?

    Maby in the future. ;)

    The reload command was broken.

    Added! :)

    The reload command was broken. x2

    Is the "insufficient permission." from PayForCommand?
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  9. I'm not sure because a player reported it.
  10. @F_o_F_1092 The reload is still broken somehow. I changed the price for players to use /back from $300 to $1 and reloaded the plugin. Then tried using /back and it showed: http://prntscr.com/dhs2o1

    Also, thanks a ton for adding aliases! It's a great plugin and I really appreciate your hard work and effort! What's your paypal name or email?
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  11. So.. Is the plugin still going to be updated?
  12. Sure, as long as it does not need any updates (bugfixes etc.), I will only work on it if i have the time for it ;)
  13. Does this work on 1.7.10?
  14. I haven't tested it.