PAYING FOR FIX Can not connect to hubs. (ERROR: java$NativeIOException)

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  1. I've had this error whilst botting my server (stress tests).
    Whenever I try to join my hubs, it won't let me, and gives me this error:

    I've tried deleting all bungee plugins, switching to Waterfall, doing everything, and it won't work.
    My bungeecord plugins are: TCPShield (my ddos prot provider), MoveMeNow, RedisBungee, and HubMagic.

    My bungeecord configuration:

    My release is next week, and I would really like a fix.
  2. I'll pay for a fix.
  3. Add me on skype **** checked your pm
  4. Have you tried clearing all of your hub plugins? Set another server to default and attempt to join. Isolate whether or not it is your hubs or Bungeecord itself.
  5. I've tried removing all plugins. Seems to be a bungee issue
  6. I'm guessing you don't have the latest Bungeecord; try updating it to the latest stable build. Additionally it seems like the connection is being made on ; are you connecting using localhost? If so try the external ip; if it gives out the same error. If it does; make sure in the bungeecord config.yml the host is localhost or the external ip.
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  7. I run all servers off the same box.
  8. Alright; do what i told you above.
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  9. I am more than likely this is my home connection bottlenecking..
  10. but you've yet your connection-thorttle to -1 in your bukkit.yml right?
  11. Yeah..

    It's a new error now.
  12. JamesJ


    What are you binding to on your hubs? (in your
  13., the same thing that's in the bungee config. I run all my servers off of the same machine.
  14. JamesJ


    Show us the result of iptables -F -n
  15. can you attach a latest.log a proxy.log & the spigot,bukkit.ymls, cause I/We can look its bungee or spigot, cause I stuck at this point
  16. It's bungeecord, I am for sure..
    Also, this happens when I log off?
  17. JamesJ