paying for plugin devs

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will you help build / make or code a plugin

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  1. minigame

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  2. and minigame XD

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  1. will pay from £5-£25 whish is $8-$38 for a minigame developer minigame detailes will be in skype messages my acount is agon.kurti yeah thanks for reading bye bye
  2. Don't think people are going to help you for only $38, making a plugin is not an easy task and especially a custom minigame. People are going to want atleast $50 to $75 just to launch their dev kits
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  3. I will make it for you, but it will be a MiniGame called "RBS0 gets Owner".... Tell you what, I will do it for free :D
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  4. RBSO Really um okay but ima make it so then they cant see the plugin name okay?
  5. Ill make one too, probably similar to RBS0's minigame idea.
  6. also sorry for posting twice it was accedent i typed somthing wrong
  7. You are not likely to get many people to build a custom minigame for $8-$38 when I have been payed to build custom minigames I've been payed at least $150.