Paypal banning users out of nowhere

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  1. Hi, I've recently received an email from PayPal specifying that I was permanently blocked from their platform for violating their user agreement.

    I have received no notice or additional information to help me pinpoint the reason for the account ban. I've read on spigot and there are several users that have had similar issues on Paypal, but most have given little information on the issue or didn't provide proof.

    Email received:

    Dispute Situation
    Many people have mentioned that bans may be due to disputes and chargebacks received through the platform. In my case, I have a 0% chargeback rate, with hundreds of sales.

    What I sell via PayPal:
    • System administration services to clients around the world.
    • LagAssist (Spigot plugin)

    I've called them to see what I can do to resolve the situation, but the support rep told me the decision is final and the limitation is permanent. I have received no information on why this is the case, and I have no alternative for selling on spigot.

    Currently, the only solution I have is to ditch spigot and create my own platform to sell products on with an alternative payment processor. Is there any alternative for me, or any solution that may help?

    I believe the reason they blocked my account was due to "Brand Risk". I've appended proof below.
    This title is used from a email confirming their decision is final.

    Thank you,
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  2. I see you have a plugin on S*ng*da - could be why.
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  3. It was a way back when I wasn't running as a company, and it's no longer active. Since it's 2 different entities, and Entryrise doesn't sell on songoda, I don't see where the issue would lie.
  4. And your sure that you provided PayPal all information needed to legally run a PayPal business account?
  5. Yes, Entryrise is a registered business in Romania. I've provided them all required information when I've registered with them.
  6. GC.


    This has been happening since November 4th, 2020. This is when I got banned, Ome_R (WildStacker developer) and bunch of other developers. md_5 claims it's "a hoax". There is a huge thread in premium section of this forum where I discussed all of it and showed my proof. I talked with paypal representatives and they claimed it's because we're modifying Minecraft to be changed the way developer intended it to be played. We went as far as to contact Mojang, and they told us that they aren't aware of anything like this and aren't sure why Paypal is taking initiative.

    My guess since then it's because of chargebacks. I had multiple people that contacted me about paypal bans, and everyone had a chargeback or two opened within a month of their account closure.

    I personally have been affected by this a lot. Went as far as to have my friend open a business and a business paypal under his name, and few months in his Paypal account has been permanently limited for "high risk" activity aka plugin selling.

    Now with you, over 20 developers have been affected. Spigot claims it's not a marketplace and therefore won't do anything to help out or to add new gateways, but trying to set up my own ways have caused me to be temporary banned and my resources taken away for some time. It's a great platform.

    Welcome to the club, only recommendation is to get a new SIM card, new identity and create a new paypal.

    EDIT: My both, personal and business paypals were banned at the same time. You won't get any information out of paypal, they wont email you any details or will tell anything from calls. I've contacted over 20 supervisors and higher-ups from paypal, no one cares to explain.
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  7. I don't have any chargeback, and as I'm running this as a business I can't have multiple identities.

    I believe this could be due to selling on Songoda's platform indeed.

    This is what the email saying the decision is final says.
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  8. GC.


    No, I spent 2 weeks figuring out if it was because of her website - it's not, believe me. Had people banned that weren't using her website ever. You're f-ed, permanently banned for ever. There are no solutions for you. It's been over half a year me trying to figure it out, nothing works :)
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  9. Another guess I have is that they could mistake Minecraft for gambling or games of skill, as stated here:


    Edit: I'm trying to contact [email protected] to see if they have any guidance on this matter.

    Edit: Since I've got no reply on this matter, do you know any alternatives I could sell my plugins on?
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  10. Why do you say L to him? rude
  11. MCMarket? Polymart?
  12. Yep, migrated to one of those. My question is if I can still maintain the resource for people that already purchased on spigot, since apparently some resources have been removed from spigot after they got banned by paypal
  13. It will not be removed. It's just moved to InactiveResource.
  14. I've discussed with a staff member and it's apparently fine, as long as I don't advertise i sell it somewhere else.