PayPal dispute - Owner selling ranks against the EULA

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  1. Hi. I recently bought digital products (ranks) on a Minecraft server, but: A) I didn’t receive everything that was promised on the store B) Turns out the ranks are violating the Minecraft EULA (End User License Aggreement)
    As I don’t wish to support this, I’d like to open a PayPal dispute for all transactions (they are a few) and get my money back. My question is, am I allowed to open a PayPal dispute against the seller? What would be the chances of me winning the dispute? I’m sorry but I’m new to PayPal disputes/claims.
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  2. whats the server name? :unsure:
  3. It'd be all contingent on their TOS and policies.
  4. You'll almost always win it (especially in a case like this).
  5. You will win the cases through paypal. However, any charge backs from buycraft will make your user ID and username become banned across almost all server that use buycraft. I.e. You wont be able to donate on a majority of the servers, but you can play on them just fine.

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  6. I’m guessing you read about how to win the chargeback on Desteria where he person says that the ranks are against the EULA.

    If the server has good TOS then you won’t win.
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  7. You should make a dispute!
  8. You can assume their ToS aren't any 'good' or even valid, if they blatantly disregard the Mojang's EULA.

    Anyway @op, just dispute it: you will get your precious coins back, and then just go to the google form and report them to Mojang for a review.
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  9. Perhaps, you could get in touch with the server owner, and discuss the EULA / not receiving everything that was advertised? The owner may listen to your arguments, and make changes. This way, you don't have to go through the whole PayPal dispute, you get your promised donator perks, and the server agrees to the EULA.
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    If you got ripped off and they are not making you whole (partial refund or fulfilling the advertised perks), then yes, open a PayPal dispute. Just claim that the products/service was not as described.

    PayPal will almost always side with the buyer in these cases unless you have record of purchasing multiple items from this seller with no complaints. In that case, the buyer might have a little more pull if their PP account is free of blemishes.
  11. Most people who blatantly ignore the EULA do it for a reason and will be reluctant to change sadly. While it could work I doubt its productivity