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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Stretco, Jul 11, 2015.

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  1. So before I went on vacation I made a new paypal account and changed my buycraft's settings so that it sent money to my new paypal account.

    I completely forgot to upgrade it to business or premier and now that I have come back I have 100 dollars worth of 'Pending Receiver' payements, so I just changed my Buycraft's paypal to my old working one.

    What do i do? How do I get access to the funds?
  2. I don't recommend you have two PayPal accounts
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  3. Hello,

    From my own experience, I'd recommend calling them.
    PayPal tends to be harder to contact and get things aligned back right unless you call them. Evertime I've called them, my issue is usually fixed. I'd also present them with the following.

    • ID
    • Verified Proof of Address
    • Link a Bank & Card (If Possible)
    • Give them links to your Buycraft Page & Terms of Service
    • Explain what situation you're currently in.
    PayPal has these security features because they truly want to verify you're a legitimate person. Once you can prove that, you're Scott free and you can upgrade to business account. :)
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  4. The funds you have stuck, need to be claimed.
  5. This thread is old, and was posted on the 10th of july.
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  6. It doesn't seem like it was solved, i just told him how to fix it.
    If the thread isn't solved then i will post, and do my best to help.

    Who are you to tell me not to post.
  7. He's just informing you.
  8. And im just telling him / her
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  10. Just trying to help somebody out with there paypal.
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