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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by ToxicProfessor, Feb 7, 2016.

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  1. Thanks for your anwsers!
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  2. Well Your Screwed big time you need to be 18 I made a PayPal got over $2,000 In donations and BOOM PayPal Blocked my account I told them i'm under 18 They said it won't be unlocked till i'm that age ;-; Rip my account
  3. I've heard that with some people, when they called to say they were 18 they seized their account & their money.
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  4. Trust me its not gonna happen
  5. Is the account limited?
  6. Pretty much screwed.

    You'll have to wait until you turn 18 to get it out.

    That's why it's a good idea to have your parent make one for you if you're too young. ;)
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  7. An quick fix is having a parent/guardian create a PayPal account, and you transform your PayPal into a student account, with your newly created parent`s PayPal being the administrator of it.
    or, just tell them you are above the age of 18. (this works only if you have passed puberty)
    (PayPal is more than willing to transfer your money to a different account, as well.)
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  8. Hi, despite what people wrote before me, Paypal WILL give you the money back.
    Would you be so kind to post here the message they wrote to you about not giving you the money until you are at the legal age?
    Because their usual procedure, once they know you broke their T&C (by not having the required age to open an account), is to simply block your account and after 180 days (or sometimes right away) allow you to take the money Via bank wire transfer (if you don't have a bank account, ask your parents).
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  9. Pretty sure PayPal will ask for documents (such as Social Security Number) to ensure that you're 18+.
  10. SpacePuppeh


    Such a strange rule, it discourages young people from starting businesses and learning how to manage money...
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  11. Typically the phone people are more helpful/intelligent than online. Turns out you need skill to work in a call centre.

    It's illegal though... there are so many things with PayPal that you have to be 18 for in most countries that a set standard is that you have to be 18.
  12. Which is why PayPal opened up a feature called creating student accounts.
  13. I find it funny when people are always complaining on why PayPal doesn't allow people under the age of 18 to have a verified PayPal account. That's like giving someone a job at 14. Legally, you cannot do it.

    Business isn't for children.
  14. So getting donations for kids that are 14 years old is not allowed?

    Well i can manage my money with ease whilst i am 15 years old.....
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    Well you will most likely have to wait until you turn 18. Send yourself a scheduled email for your 18th birthday and have a nice b-day realizing you still have a paypal filled with money now
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  16. Hiring someone at 14 is illegal, not receiving money from them.

    There is some kids that can manage money correctly. In fact, I strongly believe that because of Minecraft servers, kids are starting to understand what it takes to run one. It's like an easy-bake oven. You start with the small thing, then move on to the actual deal later in life.
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  17. Starting a minecraft server from scratch is sometimes a pain in the ass.
  18. Sometimes. If you have the money, hire developers.

    That's what MineCrap's currently doing.
  19. Microsoft or multicraft?
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