Solved [PayPal Reward] How would I deobfuscate this?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Marido, Jul 3, 2018.

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  1. I mean it's just an opinion. But I'll let you do you and see how far that gets ya...

    Reminds me of the saying that goes, "There's a problem with trying to justify problems you created for yourself."

    Or just, "KISS. Keep it simple, stupid."
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Choco


    If your resource is unusable if a connection to the internet is unsuccessful, you are in violation of the Premium Resource Guidelines.
  4. You are skipping the entire message, read about the second thing with checking other hosts like Google and Spigot. Is that allowed (to disable when they connect and the host of the license does not connect)?
  5. What if your license server dies? What if you stop paying for it?
  6. If you're not connected to the internet, do you think Google and SpigotMC will magically work but youtube won't? Think about that.
  7. 1. “Then you clearly have” - an opinion does not start with this (lmao).
    2. Your reply does not add anything useful to the discussion besides insulting me.
  8. Simply put, no.
  9. That's the point, if you can connect to other hosts, there is internet. If you can't, then there is no internet (or the VM runtime is being manipulated)
  10. Will not happen but that could be an issue yeah.

    You are late bro, read the earlier replies I told about the difference between ‘offline - no internet’ and ‘one host (license server) blocked or does not connect while other online hosts like Spigot and Google are up’.
  11. Choco


    That's irrelevant. Your resource should not halt at all in the case that a connection to a server is unsuccessful. Especially if said server is a licensing server. What if your licensing server goes down? Rip your plugin and all your users. There is a reason we have that rule in place.
  12. Not guaranteed though.
  13. An opinion can start with anything. It's the matter of whether or not it's true or not. So yeah, I guess in this case I stated a fact. Thanks for digging your hole deeper for me (y)

    Nothing else useful needs to be added to this discussion. The most useful thing was already said:
    Lesson learned: use git, and don't pointlessly obfuscate code for no reason.
  14. Why is there even allowed to stay open? This violates spigot rules. This is piracy, even if it is his own plugin. Thread needs to be locked, imo.
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  15. I guess it's because no one reported it. there no way that is his code bec it should be easy to un-obfuscate it. am I right with that?
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  16. What you should've done is keep a mapping file much like what ProGuard does so you can revert the name obfuscation. Name obfuscation is probably the most difficult obfuscation scheme to reverse and it will be more difficult to try and reverse someone else's name obfuscation. Best thing to do, since this is your project and you know how it works, is to get a few friends to help you reverse-engineer your own code in realtime. Hop on a Discord or Skype chat.

    If you want to discourage people from copying your code, consider making your project open-sourced and build your reputation. If someone tries to steal your code, then they'll look like a dumbass, since their source code will be pretty much a ripoff of your source code.
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  17. Adobe is crackable, Pretty easy in fact if you just change some of the bytecode.
  18. Correction: Everything that fully runs on your computer is crackable.
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  19. Piracy? Dude do not mix up without knowing shit, I did not violate any rule in my resources, That is why I even tagged @2008Choco sometimes to ask him. Also obfuscating is allowed, so I do not get what you mean.
  20. Finally, if everyone of you is crying about obfuscating, try to explain why the Spigot API jar has been obfuscated by md_5, FeatherBoard by Maxim and such.

    This thread got a little bit out of hand, thanks everyone for your input.
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