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  1. Good evening,

    So I am in the process of setting a few things up, and I was just curious to know how people have got their server name on a paypal receipt instead of your personal one.

    I currently own a premier account, and was wondering if it needed to be upgraded to a business account, and if so, how could this be done without giving a business ID number (considering I have not registered a server name as a business...)

    If someone could be helpful enough to answer this, I would be very appreciated.

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    You need a business account. As far as I'm aware paypal does not require it to be a registered business as I've had friends contact them over this in the past.
  3. You'll need a business account as myles noted, you do need a legitimate business setup becsuse you could out your ssn on it but note PayPal sends a credit card processing form to you and the IRS during tax season, if you run it under a business account with a personal ssn you're going to pay an arm and a leg for taxes.

    Premier and normal PayPal accounts font file taxes with the IRS until 20k and prior to 20k they expect voluntarily reporting.
  4. premier accounts are also an option i'm pretty sure
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    use your social security for the business ID its just so they know who to tax
  6. Wait, so if I use a business account I would need to be taxed immediately, unlike when with a premier they tax at 20k?
  7. Alright, I'll make sure I can do that
  8. Yeah you'll need a business account for that, which involves registering as a business if you haven't already. You're in Australia aren't you?

    No they don't tax you immediately, you'll still have to do your taxes like normal if you do go over the threshold.
  9. For a business account they probably will send it regardless of the 2k transaction /20kusd limits.

    You have to document the 20k regardless if you go over or not, under 20k is you having to document it rather then PayPal sending proper documentation to the IRS.
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