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  1. Hi guys, I have been working on a plugin for two months. I think made it good enough to offer as a premium plugin. I cant create a paypal account because my country canceled their agreement with paypal. So is there anyway to offer a premium plugin except using paypal?
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  3. Does this mean you can't create one but still login or just not able to use paypal at all?
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  4. Hey i'm from Greece i'm telling you if Spigot add a new system for not just buying from paypal i don't think you should still buy others plugins because most of us love paypal because it's really useful and easy to use for donating, buying or earning. Meaning...if they even make the system to add like a "Card" to buy or sell the people will still use the paypal Methods here because it's the most easiest way. But! if you are trying to sell a product like a resource there would be really useful to add a new system for payment but still the most people might not even have a card to buy your product. Also we have the same problem with here in other type of payments. Paysafe Card is now disabled to my country! Yes they still selling the Paysafe Cards here but we can't buy anything from out of our country meaning games or other type of things. We can use Paysafe Card only in products that are based to Greece.
    Our governments not only mine but yours but more countries that have those kind of problems are suck at this because they take the wrong choices!
  5. I think bitcoin support would be great, but I don't think it is going to be added even if there is support for Bitcoin in the resource manager.
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  6. except if he has somewhere in other country relatives and they can make him a paypal card.
  7. I doubt that bitcoins will be added. They are untraceable so unrefundable. So you can't do anything with it when it goes wrong.
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