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  1. Hello, I run a small server with some friends using a dedicated computer. However, every once in a while the PC restarts, and I am afraid I could lose data. I'd like to know how
    a) I can stop the PC from randomly restarting
    b) How I can stop it from forcefully stopping the server, and instead running /stop (I could use a plugin, cmd script, etc.)
  2. Hello this is something dangerous you can lose data you can also damage some component
    mainly this can happen due to overheating
    with this program you can see the temperature of your components
  3. Strahan


    It's more likely a software issue. OP, is it Windows or Linux?
  4. Strahan


    Your system may be hitting a BSOD and rebooting, you can get BlueScreenView and run that to see if there is any recent BSOD activity.
  5. No, the BSOD's happened LONG LONG AGO. Since then tech support replaces CPU and GPU and no BSODS happened
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    Well, just because someone replaced hardware doesn't mean it cannot crash again. Go to the system event log and look for event ID 6006. That will give you an idea of when it happened, then clear the filter and look at the other records around that time to narrow down the why.
  7. I don't know how often it happens for you, and this may be a dumb suggestion, but could it be automatic Windows updates?
  8. I disabled those

    Also it happened again a couple hours ago- I got an 2 error in the windows log

    Volume Shadow Copy Service information: The COM Server with CLSID {4e14fba2-2e22-11d1-9964-00c04fbbb345} and name CEventSystem cannot be started. [0x8007045b, A system shutdown is in progress.

    Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine CoCreateInstance. hr = 0x8007045b, A system shutdown is in progress.
  9. A quick Google search got me this:
    Another Google search got me two possible answers (only skimmed them), one at Microsofts website and another one at UBackup whatever that is. The exact thing I googled was "Volume Shadow Copy Service 0x8007045b" in case you're interested in more results.
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    I'm no Windows expert, really have no clue how to assist you with everything relates to fixing the error.

    But generally I suggest always keeping a backup of your server that is not older then a day. That way, in case of data loss you can always roll back to your backup, without having too much gap between the backup to the original files.
  11. This might be obvious but did you check your energy saving settings in the controlpanel? Windows might be shutting down because you haven't interacted for x time.