Spigot Peek-a-boo Version 3 (1/5 chance)

When you break a block it spawns a random mob

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    Peek-a-boo - When you break a block it spawns a random mob

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  2. Please update to the latest Minecraft version, 1.14.4.
  3. How can I install this Plugin? Sorry, I'm new to this
  4. You have to create a local server
  5. Will do rn :)
  6. How do I install this? I know it was previously said you need to make a local server, but how do I do that? I just don't want to do the wrong thing and waste my time so if anyone knows can you help me or at least link me to something to lead me in the right direction?
  7. follow this video till like 7 minutes after that the stuff he's telling you is not needed, this is 1.13
  8. Can you make a datapack of this so its much easier to assign to a certain world? Or at the very least link me to a datapack that does the same or similiar thing? thanks.
  9. I am looking to update the plugin soon and add those features to it! Thanks for the feedback
  10. Great plugin!

    It would be great to have a config file with the ability to blacklist certain mobs and blocks....for instance, not spawning the EnderDragon when accidentally breaking grass while trying to kill a pig. ;) And some servers would probably like to restrict the more destructive mobs...either by blacklist or permissions and/or changing the ratio of mobs individually.

    Keep up the good work!!!