people die outside the worldborder

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  1. hi, i got a survival server.
    and the border for world 'world' is 330k - (165k for each direction)

    some people on my server traveling in the nether and build a nether protal to go outside to the world,
    they spawned outside the border and died, what can i do ab it?
    is there an option to disable that?

    i thought the game wont let the nether portal spawn outside the border no matter what,
    do i need to set a border for world_nether as well?

    cause i really dont want that...
  2. Set nether world border to 20k or find a plugin to teleport them to edge if they exit portal outside of world border
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  3. im trying to look for a plugin like that but i cant find
  4. Strahan


    Here, I made one for you.
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