People outside my ip cannot connect to my mc server.

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  1. Thank you for clicking on this form. First, a bit of backstory about this server, I started working on it about 3-4 months ago and I never had any issues connecting to it. (from on my network or on a friends network) But recently, The server just stop letting me connect from a different network, I have it port forwarded correctly and I am able to join on my own network. All online tools say that my ip's port is open, and the windows firewall is off. I am truly stumped with this problem, and if anyone could help me, that would be amazing.
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    Your IP probably changed, either your public or internal one
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  3. Try running it on a different port? You'll have to change this in the server properties and port forward the server again, but that may fix it. You will need to connect with ip:port
  4. MD_5 is likely correct. Open "cmd" from Run and in the command prompt, type "ipconfig" - this will show your IP.
    We suspect that the address you are familiar with will not appear anywhere on screen.

    Last week I purchased a static IP (one which never changes) from my ISP. It's $4 a month, because these addresses are getting somewhat harder to find as more and more networks come online.

    But hey, this will help me set up all kinds of cool stuff, like an NFS share for old world downloads and other stuff!
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    Just bear in mind for the vast majority of users, their external IP is not going to be visible in an ipconfig. Both internal and external could possibly be subject to change, so both should be checked.
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  6. Ha, crap what was I thinking.

    You take that IP (or Gateway if not) and enter it into a web browser. The router will have it under WAN settings or something like "Internet".
  7. just type “ip” into google lol...