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  1. Okey im on Spigot alot looking on new plugins. Today i saw 3+ plugins that you need SKRIPT to use... But my problem is i was about to buy it for my network me and my co owner where looking at it, right before i pressed buy he scremed dont buy its a SKRIPT plugin. It said at the bottom Needs: SKRIPT blablabla

    The problem is that the dev Can write in small txt needs: SKRIPT blablabla and some people that buys it dont see it. Then you sit without a plugin and lost money. Can we have some rule that they clearly need to say its SKRIPT only or some stuff?
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  2. How about you simply read carefully? Also why would u have no plugin in the end and wasted money? U get what it says.
  3. Nobody want to use script when you can get the same in java for the same price.
  4. Then keep on searching or code yourself. Keep in mind u can change stuff in Skript without much effort, just by logical thinking.
    But at the end, simply read correctly :).
  5. Then again, they may not even write that it requires Skript at all
  6. I think your right about the part that people buying the skript need to know that it is acually a .sk file.
    However, most of the people who make payed skript, have this listed on their skript recource page!
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  7. Some authors have a bad habit of writing "plugin" instead of "skript" in the resource page. I've seen many resources which are uploaded in .zip format and use "plugin" word in resource description. This makes the people who are about to purchase that resource confused and after buying they get what they didn't expect.
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  8. You can get Skript for free to run it I don't see your issue with it. Think about this you buy a Server Plugin that needs a dependency like Vault. And people take time coding things like these. Don't you think if you have an issue with not seeing that it's a Skript plugin you should pay more attention?
    Most developers put [SKRIPT] in the title of the plugin.
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  9. True story.
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  10. Why would you want 5plugins when you can have 1? More plugins = more loading time etc. Why would you waste your cpu ram idk when you dont need too?
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  11. What are you talking about 5 plugins? Skript is a plugin that runs that skript. Its not an external plugin the .sk.
  12. Yeee just download the 5 skript plugins and you can use this skript. Its so stupid.
  13. I understand what he is saying and i totally agree. Skript plugins (some) tell you to download like 5 other Skripts which is plain silly when you can get a plugin and it usually at most would require 1 dependency which you should already have installed. I guarantee most economy based servers use Vault.
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  14. It would be nice if users were forced to advertise that the resource they are posting is a Skript 'plugin', else wise it could lead to this confusion even more. This could be maliciously abused so people could profiteer on unexpected users thinking they were getting something they actually didn't want or know of.
  15. That's not necessarily true. Just because it has one dependency means nothing.
    Example: Factions needs Vault. That is a dependency, even though it is coded through Java. Yet, people have coded Factions through Skript, which has a dependency, Skript itself. So if you think about it, they are pretty much the same.

    Not to mention that you can do many of the same things.
    i.e player.getLocation() = set {ip:%player%} to player's IP (Kinda similar)
    also, with Skript, you don't need to import.
    i.e import org.bukkit.ChatColor; = not needed in Skript

    I don't have a problem with Java, as I know it but I think the response you gave was false and I thought I'd put my input in.

    I think only if it is a .zip or .jar file should they clarify if it is Skript.
    .sk shows it is.
  16. I get that. But almost all skripts need 3+ plugins to work. People that bought skripts and think its java and wont use it will prob feel scammed and not pay for plugins anymore so its a loss for Java premium plugins too.
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  17. Just FFS read the damn plugin page and none of this will be an issue to you and if you need 4 other Skripts to run it then get them or it's your loss for not paying attention.