People pretend to "fix the server" -> TPS drops

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  1. Hey everyone

    We experienced on 3 days some players or bots that join the server and type "im going to fix the server" or similar things but always with "fixing the server".

    After that the TPS drops hardcore till the server crashes.
    There is no lag machine or something, they just stand still and even if i throw them out of the server the tps keeps dropping.

    I couldnt find anything on the internet.

    Did anyone have those guys too or maybe know how they do this and how to prevent them?
    The Server is 24/7 and whitelist should be off, so going to whitelist mode is not an option.

    On the server console there are no errors and we have a pps limiter on.
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  2. Well, you could check the cause of lags using the spark plugin.
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