Per-Player-Mob-Spawns dilemma

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  1. I've been thinking about this and this is what I've come to

    so spawn rates, right - we're using per player mob spawns. which basically means that it functions like vanilla spawning, but not really. so each player gets the spawn rates as their own "individual" set of mobs

    monsters:50, animals:8, water-animals:3, ambient:1

    every player can have 50 monsters spawn for them. people say this is optimized because big farms won't count towards the limit. but logically this is probably giving us more mobs, because instead of the default 80 mobs PER SERVER, we're getting 50 mobs PER PERSON

    wouldn't that cause a heavy toll on server performance? am i missing something?
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    I'd have to double check but I'm 99% sure those numbers ARE the vanilla numbers.
  3. Hello,

    This is for natural spawning only, if I remember. Where did you see the default was 80 mobs per server?

    Reducing these numbers will reduce the max mobs near a player, spawned by natural cause (not a spawner).

    Default is 70 for monsters, 10 for animals, 15 for water animals & 15 for ambient.
  4. Got confused, meant 70. That's my bad. Regardless, should I turn off the PPMS? Also, I have count-for-all-mobs-spawning on, because apparently that has something to do with MythicMobs randomspawns
  5. I don't think so. But I don't know how MythicMobs is working, you should ask to the dev.
  6. Was mob spawning fiddled with in between 1.14 and 1.15.1?

    I feel like it's a case of the Server Optimization Guide on spigot maybe guiding people in the wrong way. I turned the mob spawn range down but now it feels like there's more mobs because they're spawning closer to me, which I think that might be part of the problem. My view-distance is 6, my spawn range is 5, I've got PPMS off right now and I reset my rates back to default. Would it be suggested I turn PPMS on, set the rates back to the guide's suggestion, then maybe make the spawn range back to default? Feels like a lot of tweaking for something so simple. I get about 13-15 players on average.
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    That is 100% the case.

    The optimization guide has you lower your spawn limits and lower the range of which mobs spawn around you, as well as reducing the hard / soft distance limits. This means that the mobs will now be more condensed around a player instead of spread out and further away like vanilla.

    For what it's worth - I've always followed everything in the optimization guide MINUS the spawn limit changes. I personally think the vanilla numbers are the best for player experience.

    Edit: I should clarify that the reason the guide has you do these changes is because the goal is to reduce the total entity count on your server and improve performance - so it achieves this by lowering the total cap per mob group. The idea is that by also shrinking the radius in which mobs can spawn in near a player, you can give the illusion of the same amount of mobs by not having them so far away while reducing total entity count. It's a really good idea, but in practice I just think it puts way too many mobs around the player.
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  8. Do you personally use PPMS? I've got it on now and it just seems to be a little detrimental to the server. Thinking of turning it off and putting the mob spawn rates in bukkit.yml to the guide's specifications. We tried turning PPMS off and resetting the rates back to default but it seemed to be a little bit much. I've already made the mob spawn range back to default and all that, and it's already made things way better.
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    What you're asking about doesn't exist within Spigot, I do not use per player mob spawns.
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  10. What do you do with entity-activation-range?
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    I use the same settings as the guide.

    The only settings I do not touch from the guide are the spawn-limits in bukkit.yml and the mob-spawn-range in spigot.yml.

    I do however reduce the water mob limits in bukkit.yml simply because there are way too many aquatic mobs in oceans otherwise which cause a lot of lag. Ambient is good to reduce too. (Bats are the only mob in that group as of now)

    I keep my hostile and animals spawn limits entirely vanilla / default values.
  12. Do you nudge those two to the suggested limits in the guide or a diff number?
    With the default rates I'm still experiencing an insane amount of mobs, dunno what's up.
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