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  1. Hi i try to do a scoreboard with a timer but when 2 player start the timer this is displayed :
    i try a lot of things but idk ^^

    Thanks for help
  2. the task should be out from in-game player loop :p, also make sure you don't change the timer when someone join
  3. i forgot my code :
    Code (Text):
        public void setBoard(Player p) {
            Score score = objective.getScore("§7§m§l-----------------------");

        public void updateScore(Player p) {
            if (Main.protect.get(p.getName()) != null) {
                objective.setDisplayName("§6OzrilHCF §cPvPTimer §b" + Main.protect.get(p.getName()));
            } else {

    And i update the score in the task
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  4. You could store the players and their scoreboards in a hashmap, and get their scoreboards from there. Then when setting there scoreboard, just set it to the one you received from the hashmap.