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  1. Hello, I have a problem with "per-warp-permission" I have it in true and when I put the permission to the rank it is as if I had not put it, if someone helped me it would be great, have a good day
  2. What ranks plugin do u use?
  3. PermissionsEX
  4. Really? dude all servers now are using LuckPerms and there are many tutorials on yt of how using it.

    try it believe me :D
  5. I was using it, but it gave me a lot of config errors
  6. i prefer using it and if u r facing any problems with it u can find a lot of solution on yt it's a famous plugin as PermissionEx
  7. And also which is weird i think PermissionEx and LuckPerms were developed by the same dev xD
  8. Lo acabo de intentar y pasa lo mismo
  9. There are multi reasons.. Maybe u r putting the permission in a wrong way or the rank is not existing or the version of ranks plugin is not working on ur server..
  10. I just tried it and the same thing happens
  11. Exactly what permission did you set? The format is: essentials.warps.[warpname]

    For example, essentials.warps.myspecialwarp to allow /warp myspecialwarp

    Note that the permission includes "warps", not "warp".

    Players also need the permission essentials.warp to have access to the /warp command. Note that this permission includes "warp".

    If you still have trouble, here's how to find perms with EssentialsX Debug:
    - Enable /ess debug
    - Do the thing
    - Look at the console for missing permission
    - True = Permission
    - False = No permission
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