Spigot Per World Inventory 2.3.2

Have a seperate inventory and more, for each world

  1. Any ideas, anyone?
  2. Try MultiInv? I have this plugin & MultiInv & Multiverse Inventory running at the same time.. Idk which one it is though xD
  3. I found another plugin that does not (at least from what I have found) conflict with PerWorldInventory called WorldPos by Mike724 that accomplishes what I was trying to do. Although you were unable to help, thank you for actively reading comments on your plugin and helping when you can.
  4. lol I think you misunderstood. That was an actual question so I could finish the implementation.
  5. Could you enable debugging in the config, reproduce the error, and upload your server log here for me?
  6. This should already happen. If the group is present in MV-I, the whole group gets created in PWI.

    As for this, it looks like MV-I is for some reason getting a lot of names that are null. Hmm...
  7. That's the point. There is no group.
    Multiverse stores the inventory per world (if the world has no group).
    So the setup is as described:

    5 Worlds (A,B,C,D, E)
    group default with worlds A,B,C shares inventories
    no group for World D, separate inventories
    no group for World E, separate inventories

    And as a result, the 'default' is converted, the worlds D & E with separate inventories are ignored.

    Any ideas to fix it?
    A start would be to catch the error & print the failed username/uuid?
  8. I'm happy to but I can't afford to have it going on when the server is full of people, am I okay to have this and MV Inventories running at the same time? Otherwise, you won't get much data since I can't allow anyone on if there is just one inventory between survival and creative.
  9. You can try, but the two plugins will likely fight each other and make things worse. What about setting up a test server with the plugins matching your current setup?
  10. Quick bug report, it appears that using the plugin "SuperVanish", you do not keep your night vision effect when moving worlds, but keep it even when unvanished in the world you started in. I'd assume thats because of this plugin. I dont want to enable potion effects as something to be transferred between worlds, but i'd like it to transfer while im vanished.

    SV spigot page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/supervanish-be-invisible.1331/

    I'm also reporting this there in case its something that they have to add support for, and not something you can do much about. Honestly im not sure if theres a ton either of you can do about it.
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    You should debug configuration and plugin conflicts on a test server, not a production server. No one else should be on your test server unless you white-list them to participate in a multi-user test.
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  12. Hmm. There may be something I can do... To clarify, if you're vanished, you should still have night vision after you change worlds?
  13. Yes, and it shouldn't save the night vision in the world you changed from.
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  14. If you have a Github account, could you make an issue here for this? That would help me keep track of it so I don't forget.
  15. Done.
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  16. I get the same error as j2d2 after I updated to 1.7.7.
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