Per World Messages

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  1. About Me: Hey I'm VegasGaming I own a Minecraft Server currently in development! My Favorite Hobbies are Coding & GFX Designing.

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    Issue/Comment: So This random Idea popped into my head, I wonder If there's a plugin When you First Join a World In your chat It will say thing about the world, So you can customize what it says for each world. So If It's a Faction World you can like make it say "Welcome to Factions! In this world you try to become to most powerful faction! Do (/kit) For a free starter kit! Donate at ... For ..." Or a command like (/aboutworld) (/info) Is there a plugin that you can have a custom message for each world? Or is this not invented yet..?
  2. mcdocs should be able to do that i believe
  3. I think this will do it
  4. You say one of your hobbies is to code, is that java(With bukkit/spigot api)? If it's then you can try create it by your self. I find it quite easy and i haven't programmed in the bukkit/spigot api for so long time ;)